What is Apex Cloud?

Apex Cloud is not your typical cloud storage platform. Apex Cloud uses the decentralized Arweave network to permanently store data.

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Apex Cloud

The Arweave blockchain  consists of thousands of distributed storage nodes that store redundant copies of all the data uploaded to Arweave and Apex Cloud. This means anyone can upload their data, pay once, and store their data forever in a fully decentralized, censorship resistant way.


The network is secured by servers across 5 continents, making data stored on Apex Cloud safe and accessible even if Apex Cloud’s Head Quarters were to get hit by an asteroid.

Store Forever

With Apex Cloud you pay once and store files forever! The Arweave network is designed to store data for hundreds of years, creating the first true PermaWeb.


Powered by Arweave’s decentralization, ApexCloud is able to offer censorship-proof storage of dApp front ends, NFT files, and more importantly news archives that malicious governments may try to suppress. 

Drag and Drop

Files stored on DropBox and Google Cloud can be stored on the Arweave network using Apex Cloud’s drag and drop functionality.

Use Cases

From the genesis of Apex Cloud we have had one core mission: Make storing data on the Arweave network as easy and accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Let's Explore some notable use cases: 

NFT File Storage

NFTs or non fungible tokens are a core use case for Apex Cloud’s permanent storage solution. A common application for NFTs is to represent digital ownership of an image or file in a way that’s authenticated by the blockchain the NFT is hosted on.

What may surprise many NFT enthusiasts that take pride in the decentralized and censorship resistant nature of NFTs on the blockchain is that the image for the NFT’s themselves are typically stored using highly centralized storage solutions. If individual actors running these centralized storage solutions were to cease operations the image file connected to the URL that the NFTs embed can be lost and the NFT itself will no longer have the image designated to it accessible or viewable to the NFT holder.

By storing data using Apex Cloud, your NFT file data is safely and permanently stored in a fully decentralized way on the Arweave network. The Arweave URL generated for each image file will always be accessible. Even if Apex Cloud itself were to go offline the NFT’s would continue to generate the image file associated with it because the image and URL are on the Arweave network, which since its genesis has maintained 100% uptime.

Decentralized application front end hosting and storage

For those acquainted with Cryptocurrency, Web3, and Decentralized Finance there is a good chance you have used a decentralized application like Uniswap, Aave, Yearn Finance, Open Sea, or Magic Eden.

All of these decentralized applications, or dApps, allow users to connect and interact with their services in a permissionless way that is (supposedly) free from centralized authority or control. The reality is the vast majority of decentralized applications store the front end, or the graphic user interface that users of these platforms interact with, on very centralized and censorship prone platforms.

Apex Cloud and Arweave solve this issue by empowering dApp creators to host their front end platforms on Apex Cloud which stores their front end content permanently, in a permissionless, censorship proof way. Neither Apex Cloud, nor the foundation that gave rise to Arweave, have the ability to remove or take down data stored to the Arweave network as a whole via Apex Cloud.

Archiving news

The advent of prevalent “fake news” and online news articles that edit stories after they’ve been published with no, or minimal reference to these changes being made has become considerably perilous in a modern age where the vast majority of citizens consume their news online. Furthermore repressive regimes around the world deliberately target opposition journalism for censorship and political prosecution. A prime example of this is Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

Apple Daily has been critical of the Chinese Communist Party and a direct target for censorship and even arrest and prosecution. The entire archive of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily has been permanently stored to the Arweave network in such a way that even a powerful censor like the Chinese Communist Party is utterly powerless to remove.

While China may be able to restrict access to specific URLs, the data from Apple Daily’s archives will live forever on the blockchain thanks to Arweave’s censorship-proof decentralized storage system.

Archiving scientific research

The Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt was thought to store one of the largest repositories of all of the world’s knowledge. This Great Library was thought to store the equivalent of 100,000 books worth of information.

Tragically the library was burned to the ground, and with it so much ancient wisdom perished in flames. If only there had been redundant copies of the archives from this library stored across multiple continents around the world, so much of this wisdom would still be with us today. Today humanity produces many times more scientific research and data every year than was contained in the Library of Alexandria.

One way to ensure that this wisdom doesn’t suffer the same fate as ancient libraries of humanities past is to store our scientific research data on the Arweave network’s redundant decentralized storage network, ensuring this wisdom is retained for many generations in a way that cannot be edited or censored.

How to pay

Apex Cloud has created the first fiat onramp to the Arweave network. Those purchasing storage can pay with credit card, Ethereum, Avalanche, Matic, and Solana. 

What People Say About Us

“Apex Cloud has been a superb way for us as a company to store information knowing it will always be available, we find it an efficient and cost effective solution to our needs. ”

Mark K
Director at Glaze